Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Hello everyone,
I've been alittle behind on my blog lately sorry for that.  This past week Nicole Sherman and myself have been working hard on our Lab C.  Lab C is the international lab where we all pick a game/sport from that originated from a different country.  The class and I travelled down to sunny Australia to learn about and play Buroinjin.  Never heard of it?  Well then let me explain it, there are two teams on a field at a time; each team usually consists of 2 players.  The players can run and pass in any direction when they have the ball, if they are tagged by a player on the opposite team they must pass or get rid of the ball within 3 steps or 3 seconds.  To score one team must get the ball into their endzone.  My lesson focused mostly on the defensive aspects of the sport.  The class learned defensive strategies for 2 on 1 situations as well as equal defending situations.  Lastly, the class got a chance to try and defend while on the run which simulates a game-like situation.  After watched the video taken in class I noticed a few positive and negative aspects to my lesson.  I did not walk with my back against the wall.  This is hard to remember when teaching because I am trying to engage and work with students, but I forget to work around the gym with my back against the wall so I can keep an eye on the entire class.  I also need to project my voice more.  The gym is big and I am competing for volume in there so I need to keep in mind that the louder I speak the easier it is for my students to hear me.  I did give a lot more feedback than I had in the past.  I focused on giving more specific feedback to individual students as well as positive feedback to keep them on track and trying hard.  I picked activites that I thought would keep students engaged and interested.  My last activity seemed to have some down time for students that weren't running down the field passing, but in class it proved to keep most students moving.  The students were either running down trying to pass and defend on the move or running down the sidelines to get back in line; by the time they got back in line it was time to go again.  There are a few things I need to remember when teaching, but I am improving with every experience which is good.  Check out my video and let me know what you think!

Holly - Fall 2010 - Lab C International