Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hi everyone!
This is a video of my latest teaching experience.  There are a few things that I noticed that I could've improved on and somethings that I did do a good job on.  It's hard to fit everything into a lesson when there is only 4 minutes to teach.  I had forgotten to give an introduction, signal for attention and a strong hook.  I did mention "hot hands" to help the students relate to the frisbee catch.  I demonstrated how the catch should look stationary going over the cues so the students could see how the cues matched up with the actual catch.  I did not do an actual moving demonstration. I should've picked a student to throw me the frisbee so I could show the class how to implement the catch correctly.  I also should've showed common errors that most students make when catching the frisbee.  After showing common errors I should've explained how to fix these errors and help students understand the proper way to catch.  At the end of the lesson I went over the cues to make sure the students were paying attention and left knowing how to catch a frisbee.  There are a few things I needed to change in my lesson, with more time I think I could've made my lesson much better.  But in the given amount of time I did a decent job of showing the students the frisbee throw as well as letting them practice and gave them a competition to peak their interest. Here is my time coding sheet which shows how I split my time up while teaching.  I didn't have any recorded waiting or management time.  I spent most of class having students engaging in activity.

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  1. Your posts and overall blog look great! It's very inviting and you have done a good job of reflecting on each of your lessons. Everything is laid out very nicely as well within each of your posts. I like how you have the time coding sheet built right into your Lab B post. The time coding sheet looks good as well, just be sure to specify what color management is, activity, etc. Other then that keep up the great work!