Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey Guys!! I want everyone to check out the picture I posted.  This Sunday I spent my day volunteering at Hope Lake Lodge for breast cancer awareness.  Hope Lake Lodge is a newly built hotel that has a waterpark attached for their guests.  The water park is mostly indoors but they have a waterslide that starts inside the build, goes outside, then comes back in.  They also have a pool that connects from indoors and outdoors which is open all year round.  The water park is amazing and while I was there everyone looked like they were having a ball.  The rule usually is only guests from the hotel can take advantage of this great waterpark.  But for Sunday the waterpark was open to anyone who wanted to spend the day splashing around.  You could use they waterpark all day as long as you bought a pass where all proceeds went to the Breast Cancer Foundation.  Anthony D., my five housemates as well as myself all volunteering our services for the day.  We got to stack tubes in the waterpark itself and interact with children and families.  We also sold tickets at the door, put wristbands on everyone who entered the building, and we directed traffic so people parked in the correct parking lot.  All in all the day was fun, we all enjoyed ourselves while helping others.  We're already planning on volunteering next year!!! 

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