Sunday, September 19, 2010

Homework Assignment #1

What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal-oriented activity?
Creating goals to be achieved prior to, during, and after lessons is important for helping educate students.  It helps them to focus on certain aspects of the lesson and gives them a foundation to build onto.  The standards are set by New York State to create structure so that every student can get the most out of their class and their teacher.  Each grade level has different skill levels that should be met and it is the Physical Educator’s job to help each student meet each skill level. 
Why is the process that teacher’s use to teach content important?
It is the teacher’s job to get their students engaged and interacting as much as possible during each lesson.  The way that the teacher goes about teaching content is critical in keeping kids interested in any topic.  The teacher should use techniques that captures the student’s attention and makes them strive to meet each goal to the best of their ability.  As teacher’s we don’t want our students to just go through the motions day by day and forget skills and goals after time.  We want to make a lasting impression of each student and make sure the skills we teach stick with them and become lifelong skills.
Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important in physical education?
Movement task-student response is important in providing students with proper feedback as well as providing the teacher with a self check system that allows them to see if they are teaching skills effectively.  It allows the teacher to explain the task/goal and watch students follow instructions and assess where each student ranks as well as allows the teacher to see which areas need more focus for different students.

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